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Apothecary U was created by Deborah Dolen bestselling author of 29 DIY type books with a focus on her primary passion which is to understand and make best use of our natural resources.  Many of her books  revolve around beekeeping, making natural body care products, botany and herbs.  She offers A/U as a form of continuing education to existing practitioners of the public, educationally advanced individuals who want "more,"  and for those simply interested in on going learning, fellowship and staying current in the area's of aromatherapy, herbs, botany and other interesting modalities.   This means even "just a Mom" as Deborah is also "just a Mom" among other things.  A/U's goal is to bring together mavericks in each particular field, as to explore various angles, opinions and facets-always embracing the ultimate goal of continuing education and exploration of our divine gifts of nature. 

Deborah's general basis is that "everything that goes on our skin goes into our bloodstream" not just what we eat or inhale.  All of her writing, regardless of topic revolves around that very basic statement. 



The study of aroma & color therapies, essential oils, flower essences, herbs, creating of tinctures & ointments, natural compounding, practical and applied botany as well as other natural applications & techniques for professional environments and home use.


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