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*Please keep checking this page as Scholarships will be added from time to time.

The Mabel White Scholarship is $2,500 a calendar year towards tuition of an A/U student.  The MWS is awarded to anyone demonstrating a commitment to continuing education who  demonstrates a financial need as well.  The main attribute of this scholarship is that no student is declined continuing education solely for lack of ability to pay.  The scholarship is available to any age (over the age of 18,) sex and race - but specifically those persons who are committed to the betterment of themselves, and that they do help others when possible.  The scholarship is awarded twice a year, August 1st and January 1st of each calendar year.    A/U reserves the right to add scholarships from time to time.

Applications will be in the form of a one page essay on why continuing education is important to the applicant, applicants past achievements (no matter how small) and in what ways would the result of such education help the student have a better quality of life, as well as be used to ultimately help others.  Applications will be reviewed by Admissions and a Board of Directors (of two or more board members)-fairly and impartially.  A letter of recommendation from someone the applicant has helped, and how, will be paramount.  That can even include helping a relative, for example. Application will be directed to the Bursar's Office, Admissions.    Home

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