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Dec 19th-Jan 5th

During observed Holidays Forums are open and conducive to fellowship and sharing of holiday ideas.  Attendance is not mandatory.





Observed Holidays


Holiday 2008 2009 2010
MLK Jr Day -- 3rd Monday in January   Jan 19 Jan 18
Presidents Day -- 3rd Monday in February   Feb 16 Feb 15
Mothers Day -- 2nd Sunday in May   May 10 May 9
Memorial Day -- Last Monday in May   May 25 May 31
Fathers Day -- 3rd Sunday in June Jun 15 Jun 21 Jun 20
Canada Day  -- (Independence CA) July 1 July 1 July 1
Independence Day -- July 4th Fri Sat Sun
Labor Day -- 1st Monday in September Sep 1 Sep 7 Sep 6
Yom Kipper October 13th      
Columbus Day -- 2nd Monday in October Oct 13 Oct 12 Oct 11
Canada Thanksgiving -- Oct 13 Oct 12 Oct 11
Thanksgiving -- 4th Thursday in November Nov 27 Nov 26 Nov 25
Chanukah -- 21st of December to 29th      
Christmas -- 25th of December Thurs Fri Sat
Boxing Day Canada - 26th of December Fri Sat Mon
New Years -- 1st Day in January Thurs Fri Sat
Good Friday -- 2 days before Easter Mar 21 Apr 10 Apr 2
Easter Sunday -- March or April Mar 23 Apr 12 Apr 4

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